On site corporate brain training to promote employee performance and satisfaction…

Heighten Performance in Your Workplace

The brain is like any other organ in the body. The more you exercise it, the better it performs. An efficient brain can accomplish more, with greater accuracy, in less time. Neurofeedback provides high performers with the tools to train and exercise neural networks, much like one exercises and builds muscles. The personalized program makes more efficient use of brain resources by strengthening specific neural connections.

For attorneys, business leaders, and the financial community, greater efficiency means that less mental energy is wasted keeping composure, second guessing, over analyzing, and maintaining emotional control.

Many high performers face challenges related to long term stress and use Neurofeedback simply to promote stress management and improve sleep quality – both of which are essential to long term brain performance, endurance, and resilience.

Professional athletes and musicians use Neurofeedback to build the ability to be ‘in the zone’. This includes tuning out distractions during crucial moments, increasing processing speed, and sharp focus on the task at hand. Smooth, optimal functioning means poise under pressure, improved recovery speed after an error, and less ‘over-thinking’ in decisive moments.

How an onsite program works:

One of our highly qualified NeuroFitness Neurofeedback Technicians will come directly to your workplace once a week at a pre-scheduled time. We bring 2 or 3 systems and run sessions for 6-18 people in about 3 to 6 hours. All that is needed by your company is a small quiet room, or the corner of a larger room. We bring our own portable zero gravity chairs so employees can rest back and relax as they listen to beautiful music. This music is programmed to offer real-time feedback to the brain about what it is doing, in order for the central nervous system to reset itself for optimal functioning. You can learn more about NeurOptimal Neurofeedback here.

We recommend a series of 20 sessions on a weekly basis, and then a maintenance program on a bi-weekly or monthly basis thereafter. Fees can be paid by your company in total or in part as a way of encouraging workplace wellness. Alternatively, staff can pay the full price of training while enjoying the luxury and convenience of having the program on-site.