Translate's to Real Life

How does this translate into real life experiences?

Imagine you had been reaching into the back seat to get a snack from your bag when you heard the rumble strip sound. You immediately stop reaching and you realize your car veered to the side of the road because you stretched back to get the snack. You tell yourself, next time you’d best do something different, such as, put the snack in the front seat or, better yet, make sure to eat before you start driving.

If we break down the above ‘story’ into steps, they’d look something like this:
1. Being inefficient, ineffective = snack in back seat
2. Doing something that’s not ‘good functioning’ (while driving) = reaching into the back
3. Hearing the feedback (rumble strip)
4. Choosing a more effective, efficient, sustainable approach = snack in front seat or eating before driving
5. Stopping old pattern that’s not ‘good functioning’ = no more snacks in the back

Similarly, with the help of the feedback generated by NeurOptimal®, your brain can learn to see behaviour patterns, thought patterns, feeling patterns that are ineffective, inefficient and not ‘good functioning’, can learn to choose a better functioning solution.

Your brain knows what’s best for you!